School Garden

“To Plant A Garden Is To Believe In Tomorrow.”

The idea for the St. Kevin’s garden came about when some teachers expressed an interest in using the outdoor learning space more, for teaching, reading enjoying getting the children outside more and enjoying their environment.

This, in turn, led us to our involvement in the Pollinator Scheme which we hope to take up this year. The Pollinator Scheme is a Bio-diversity Ireland program where schools and individuals can log in and record what they are doing to improve their area for bees, butterflies etc….

As a result, our classes rolled up their sleeves and got stuck in. We had classes planting wildflowers from seeds (which took some time but was so worth it). Others supported an area of our school grounds to grow wild, planting flowers an bulbs intermittently. Classes planted potatoes, onions, peas, radishes, lettuce, cabbages and pumpkins.

They were fantastic they really got into coming out and checking on their seeds, caring for them and watering what they planted.

Some have been more successful than others. The slugs certainly loved our sunflowers! But we’re all learning together. Children really seem to get a kick out of it. Our caretaker, Michael made up some fantastic posters so that the children can identify the many birds visiting our school.

We added some bird boxes and fairy doors hoping to capture as many imaginations as possible. Have a look below at some photos of our progress so far.

We look forward to making it bigger and better…