The Arts

5th Class Photography and Singing

Students from our 5th classes have been carrying out a photography inquiry to develop their photography skills and to learn about their local environment. They were set the challenge of submitting three photos for their final portfolio. The photos needed to include:

  • A photo that portrays their image of Greystones.
  • A favourite photo from their collection.
  • A black and white photo.

Families were invited to come and see the exhibition of the pupils’ photographs and chat with the photographers about the project. They were also treated to an afternoon of songs that the pupils have been learning throughout the year.

Have a look at some of the wonderful examples of photography below.

Singing Assemblies

This year see the launch of our whole-school singing assemblies which are an opportunity for our pupils to come together and share some of our favourite songs – both traditional and modern songs in English and Irish.


Music is an important part of the school curriculum and lessons include vocal and rhythm exercises, song singing and listening to the music of various styles. Pupils who have a particular talent for singing may be invited to join the school choir.

The school choir participates in various ceremonies for First Communion, Confirmation and in the National Children’s Choir.

We have some of our senior classes learning to play the ukulele. There are also guitar and keyboard lessons available to students as part of After-School clubs.


Our 6th class performed for the Greystones Historical Society. Our After-School Drama Club also recently performed a self-written piece about cyber-safety.


As well as being a part of our integrated classroom curriculum, pupils have the opportunity to develop their art skills with both an art class and a craft class as part of our After-School clubs. Here are some examples of the beautiful artwork that can be seen around our school.