Safer Internet

Use of ICT and the internet is now a regular part of everyday life. When using the internet, it is so important that our children are aware of and are responsible for their behaviour online.


Last year we ran Cyberbullying and Internet Safety Workshops with our students in 4th, 5th and 6th classes. We also hosted a very successful and informative parents' information evening here with Ger Brick of inetsafetytalk facilitating.

Ger Brick is an experienced facilitator who delivers Cyberbullying / Internet Safety talks to Primary Schools across Ireland. Ger has more than 20 years experience working on the Internet.

The feedback from the workshops and the parents' evening has been hugely positive.

For more information on Ger's work, check out his website at

Parents are welcome to log into the Parent Info section of Ger's site (using the login username and password provided by our school) to access the parent information that Ger shared with us at the parents information evening.


(Click on the following link to our school policy on Acceptable Use of ICT and Internet).



As parents, it is essential that you know about your child’s online behaviour. We would like to bring the following Internet Safety websites to your attention:

  • Childnet website – resources for young people, parents and teachers -
  • Web wise - provides parents, teachers and children with educational resources, advice and information about potential dangers on-line -
  • Watch Your Space - provides advice on managing children's profiles on social networking sites -

A Parents' Guide to Filtering - An information booklet from the Internet Advisory Board containing advice for parents on supervising children's Internet use and the use of filtering technologies.

A Parents' Guide to Social Networking - This booklet for parents aims to provide information to help understand the world of social networking websites (SNW) with their children. The booklet explains the world of SNW, the risks and what to look out for on a child's profile.

10 Tips for Parents - This leaflet from Webwise contains practical advice for parents to engage in their children's online experiences. It recognises that parents are key actors in fostering an ethos of positive use of the internet by young people.