After School Activities

What is Klub Kev?

Klub Kev is an after school childminding service provided in St. Kevin’s N.S by the teachers and Klub Kev staff. It runs on all school days from 1.30pm - 6.00pm providing the children with a happy and safe environment to successfully complete their homework and socialise with their peers through a wide range of fun activities.


Klub Kev provides a wide range of activities for its members. Including sports, art, board games, computer room activities, free play, lego, puzzles and many more. With the St. Kevin’s teachers as the Klub Kev staff, they each bring their own personal skill sets and interests to the members providing them with varied activities each day.

Homework Policy

Klub Kev implements the current school homework policy. Any children who have completed their homework before 4 pm will be provided with puzzles, board games and other resources while the rest of the group complete their own work. The school behaviour policy is also implemented and any child persistently disturbing other children during the homework slot will be asked to leave the club. All homework, where possible, will be completed in Klub Kev but spellings, tables and personal reading may still need to be revised at home.

The organisation of Klub Kev

1.30 - 2.30 pm

Junior Infants and Senior Infants

Free Play and Activities with Joanne and Gina.

2.30 - 3.00 pm

All class levels

Assembly time with a healthy snack.

3.00 - 4.00 pm

Junior (Junior Infants—2nd) and Senior (3rd—6th classes)

Class Levels split

Homework completed with teachers and Klub Kev staff.

4.00 - 6.00 pm

All class levels

Activities with Klub Kev teachers and staff.

The main reception office of the school is attended by a Klub Kev staff member from 4.30pm and we ask that when collecting your child(ren), you go to the school office.

Sign Up and Contact Details

If you are looking to sign your child up to Klub Kev, please contact with details of the days and collection times you require. A Klub Kev staff member will respond with the signup form that can then be filled out and sent back to us. We also have a Klub Kev phone number that is active on all school days between 1.30pm and 6.00pm: 083 838 9759.

Healthy Eating

We believe that the children will need a sufficient break after the school day. From 2.30pm-3pm the children will be allowed to have an extra lunch and socialise. We ask parents/ guardians to provide their child with an additional lunch if needed for days they are attending Klub Kev. Klub Kev members will be provided with fruit and water each day at 2.30pm. Members staying in Klub Kev past 4.30pm will also receive a wrap or crackers. Klub Kev follows the school’s healthy eating policy.

Price List

The cost of the Klub Kev is €7.00 per hour. If you have more than one child attending Klub Kev, the cost is €6.50 per hour per child. Klub Kev has a 2.30pm collection time for Infant students. Klub Kev has collection times every 30 minutes from 4.00pm for all other students. Please note, there is no 3.30pm collection time as all Klub Kev staff are completing homework with Klub Kev members. Students may attend any in-school after school activities and then join Klub Kev at their conclusion.