Power Hour

Throughout the year, our Senior Infant and 1st classes participate in Power Hour (an intensive intervention of reading and writing based on the principles of Reading Recovery) with our Learning Support team.

During their block of Power Hour during the year, the class with their class teacher and Learning Support Team will work on literacy skills in small groups for an hour each day.

Small group literacy intervention has been shown to be particularly effective for children at this young age and all children participating in Power Hour are individually assessed by the Learning Support Team before the programme starts in order to ascertain their instructional reading level.

In Power Hour, we use five stations:

  • Familiar book (working on pace, fluency, expression and comprehension).
  • New book (working on pace, word attack skills, problem solving with text).
  • Phonics, sight words and spellings.
  • Writing skills.
  • Independent station.

The children use our library of PM+ Books while this ‘Station Teaching’ is taking place and bring two books home every day.

In order for the children to get maximum benefit from the programme, it is very important that they spend quality time at home reading their books with an adult. The most effective way to do reading homework is seated together, side by side at a table.

For most children we recommend that both books be read each night (familiar book first and then new) and for others, only the ‘new book’. If your child has a book at level 14 or above we do not expect them to read both books every night.