My Christmas Holidays - Isabelle Bramhill


I had one of the most amazing Christmas holidays ever.  It was such
fun, that I really didn't want it to end.  In fact, I admit that I
felt pretty miserable on my first day back at school.

Christmas Day was magical!  I received some great presents and, of
course, enjoyed a very tasty festive dinner - even if the turkey was a
bit overcooked!  One of my favourite memories was going for a walk on
Greystones seafront.  There were hundreds and hundreds of people
there, many of who were jumping in the sea.  I'd never seen
experienced such a great atmosphere on the seafront before.

But it wasn't just Christmas Day which was memorable.  Three days
earlier we spent the day in Dublin.  The city looked festive and was
full of sparkly Christmas lights.  We went to visit Santa at the GPO,
followed by a trip to the Christmas market at Dublin Castle.  The only
bad thing about the day was that all the restaurants wer full!  I'd
really been looking forward to eating at Yamamori, a fantasitc
Japanese restaurant.

However, although I got so many lovely gifts, the most rewarding thing
I did was visiting a homeless shelter in Bray.  We had previously
filled up a food hamper, and on Christmas Eve we delivered it to the
shelter.  The experience made me realise that the people in the
shelter wouldn't be getting presents or having a fabulous time on
Christmas Day like we would.  I felt so good after doing that, and it
made me appreciate what the true meaning of Christmas really is!